Udaipur, India


Udaipur is known to all as a beautiful, enchanting city. It is famous for the amount of ancient royalty simply brimming in its palaces and sparkling lakes. Udaipur is a huge tourist attraction today, delivering to the desires of all travelers.

As it was a former kingdom, Udaipur holds many stories to go along with its vast amount of majestic palaces. The Lake Palace, for one, covers the ground of an entire island and is simply magical. There are museums to visit preserving these old tales and artifacts, which will make you, feel even more in touch with the fame and royalty that Udaipur is simply coated in.

Many of these extreme palaces have been converted into the most fabulous, luxury hotels available in the world. Knowing the wonderfully exciting history will make a stay in one of these hotels truly a memory that will last a lifetime.

Udaipur is called “The Most Romantic City in India” for good reason. Whether you’re traveling with family for a fantastic bonding experience, with your significant other or even by yourself, one thing is certain: you will fall in love with this city. Located in the very heart of the Aravalli Mountains with the background setting of the jeweled lakes and colorful sunset, you’ll never have felt so in touch with your existence than in Udaipur.

Explore your classical tastes by visiting Udaipur, a truly bedazzling and welcoming place. You’ll feel as elegant as the sights around you!

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Udaipur Facts

State: Rajasthan

Udaipur Key Attractions: Udaipur City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir. Kumbhalgarh Fort

Airport: Udaipur Airport

Railway Station: Udaipur City Railway Station

Udaipur Weather: Summer - Apr to Jul (42.3C to 28.8C); Winter - Oct to Mar (28C to 2.5C)

Best Time to Visit Udaipur: October to March

Udaipur STD Code: 0294